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The Art of Oil Change: Step-by-Step Guide for Car Owners

Oil Change Service in Campbell River

The soothing purr of a well-maintained engine is music to a car owner. Your car’s engine requires meticulous care so that it can perform at its peak. One of the fundamentals of taking care of your car is to ensure you know the art of changing the engine oil. The oil acts like a food for the vehicle. The human body requires nutrition in the form of food to function. The same concept applies to your vehicle. Instead of actual food that humans consume, it requires oil. In this blog, we will provide a step-by-step guide to oil change services so you can master the essential art of changing your oil.

Embracing the Oily Affair

To ensure the rhythmic heartbeat of the engine you feel as you drive the car your car requires a blend of factors. One of them is high-quality and fresh engine oil. The oil plays an important role in lubricating the moving parts of the engine. It reduces friction and carries away the heat. This ensures that the performance of the vehicle remains efficient and smooth. With time, however, the oil loses the nutrients it has. Thus, it is important that you put fresh oil in your car from time to time.

Essential Tools

Before you embark on the task of changing your oil. You need to equip yourself with some necessary tools and materials. The essential tools and materials are:

  1. Fresh Oil: Your car’s manual is the best guide to determine what type of oil suits your car. It talks in detail about the capacity and the essential elements the oil must have. It is important to choose an oil that possesses those elements. This is to ensure your car performs efficiently.

  2. Oil Pan: It is required to catch the old oil as it is drained out from the vehicle.

  3. Oil Filter: A new filter is necessary to ensure that the filtration is optimal.

  4. Wrenches: An oil filter wrench is needed to remove the old filter. And, a socket wrench to remove the oil filter and the drain plug.

  5. Funnel and Jack Stands: They are needed to elevate your car safely and to ensure that the oil does not spill.

Oil Change & Maintenance Service, Campbell River

How To Change Your Oil?

The process might be extensive but that is essential given how important the task is. You can always go to a mechanic if you feel you are not equipped to carry out the task. At the mechanics, you can ensure a complete professional experience. However, if don’t have the time to go to a mechanic you can always do it yourself. Here’s a detailed and thorough procedure of how can you change your oil.

Step 1: Park your car safely

It is important to ensure your safety throughout the process. First of all, park your car on a flat surface and turn it off before you start. Lay out your tools and materials nearby. Warm oil flows smoothly and makes the process more effective. So, make sure you run the engine for a few minutes before you begin.

Step 2: Elevate your car

Using a jack elevates your car so you have sufficient space underneath. Make sure that the car is stable before you go underneath.

Step 3: Find the drain plug and remove it

The drain plug of the oil is usually on the bottom of the oil pan. You can consult the manual to find it if you’re unsure. Position the oil pan directly under the plug so you can catch the old oil as it is drained. Carefully remove the drain plug and be ready, as the oil might flow out immediately.

Step 4: Replace the old oil filter

Once the old oil is drained, wipe the drain plug. The oil filter can also be found with the help of the manual. Usually, it is on the side of the engine. Remove the old filter and attach the new filter.

Step 5: Pour the fresh oil

After you have done this, locate the oil cap as this is where you’ll pour the new oil in. Place the funnel in the oil cap and slowly pour the fresh oil. Make sure you put in exactly the amount that has been specified. Before you do this, you can always check how much oil is in the car. You can do this with a dipstick inside the oil cap. You can also use the dipstick to check if the oil is in the range after you’ve poured it in. After you’ve done this, you are almost done. Before you jump into the car to take it out for a drive make sure you double-check all the plugs and filters.

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Benefits of a Job Well Done

Congratulations! You have successfully just changed your oil. The benefits of an oil change are significant. The engine parts remain well-lubricated. This reduces the wear and tear and extends its lifespan. The fresh oil ensures you get optimal engine performance. It also plays a role in better fuel efficiency when you hit the road.

Your dedication to maintaining the engine of the car through oil changes ensures smooth rides and prolonged engine life. Embrace this art and you will be rewarded with a smooth journey whenever you hit the road. So, roll up your sleeves, get your tools, and begin the oil change. Your engine will definitely thank you!

Remember, this guide provides you with a general overview of the process of changing your oil. Always follow and consult the car’s manual. If you still feel that you can’t do it yourself, don’t hesitate to go to your mechanic!

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